A Log Cabin Holiday, B&B Or Camping For A Cheap Long Weekend Away

From staying in self-catering log cabins to camping in scenic locations, here are some ideas for a cheap long weekend away.

Keeping costs down

If you are looking for an affordable holiday or a weekend break, consider renting a self-catering holiday cabin. Holiday cottages and log cabins are available in many beautiful locations around the country, from the most famous beach resorts to the mountains. Most offer quality accommodations with high standards of furnishing, modern amenities and facilities, and fully equipped kitchens.

If you are travelling on a small budget, booking self catering holiday accommodation can be an easy way to cut down holiday costs. If you cook your own meals in your cabin’s kitchen, the cost of the holiday will be significantly lower than if you stay in a hotel and eat in the restaurant, or always go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner – a log cabin holiday may be the ideal solution!

But I don’t want to cook while I’m on holiday!

If you are looking for a relaxing break and do not want to worry about cooking, try staying in a B&B. Bed and breakfasts are offered around the country and today many offer a friendly and welcoming service and home-cooked food. The standard of bed-and-breakfasts has increased in the last ten years and there are many affordable but good quality establishments in many of the most popular holiday destinations. Some are also pet friendly.

How about even cheaper options?

The cheapest way to go on holiday is camping. There are campsites around the US for example in convenient locations, near major cities or in scenic rural surroundings. Modern campsites have showers, cooking facilities and other amenities, including playgrounds for the kids, restaurants and bars. You can also pitch your tent in a natural area and enjoy some peace and quiet for a few days, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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