A Refreshing Experience in a Holiday Hotel

Take a moment and think of a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Next, think of a beautiful holiday hotel that you would slumber in. Think of all the pleasures, such as good food and wonderful wine that you would enjoy as a part of your trip.

We all have different ideas, like a nice mountain lodge or a holiday beach hotel. In North America many of us live to work and we, sometimes grudgingly, take short vacations. Let’s look at some different ways to bring some fun and relaxation into our lives via travel. Let your mind wander and dream.

First let’s think about Hawaii. In contrast to Honolulu, the island of Kauai is much quieter but still has all the amazing beaches and amenities these lovely tropical islands have to offer. The famous beach scene in “From Here to Eternity” was filmed here.  Majestic Waimea canyon is a perfect location for sightseeing, walking and hiking. You will find all the tropical beauty of Hawaii but without throngs of tourists.

Or how about Angkor in Cambodia? This is an ancient civilization which today has much appeal for global travelers. The city of Siem Reap will take your breath away with its beautiful floating villages. As in many parts of the world, you will find the locals to be full of grace and warmth as you mindfully visit their home regions.

Lastly, let’s dream of Italy’s Lakes district. How about a hotel overlooking Lake Como? If you love food, imagine the locally grown and lovingly made food and wine that you will experience in this area. This area lies just south of the Alps, with glistening lakes and towns that can only be appreciated by foot. You will find both comfortable hotels or in the countryside, farm villas which are still active in local agriculture.

So take up a challenge of working to live, experiencing the world in all its charm and cultures. As you travel you will stay in memorable holiday hotels and you will be refreshed and feel alive again.

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