Advice for Keeping Your Luggage Set Safe

Going on a trip? An unpleasant surprise when you reach your destination is a suitcase where a seam or the zipper has split open. Or even worse, is a suitcase that does not arrive at all. Imagine standing at the luggage carousel, watching and waiting, and your suitcase does not arrive.

Are there ways to avoid this? Well, when getting ready for your vacation, you should always check that your luggage is in the right condition and that you prepare it to arrive safe and sound.

Always make sure that every piece of your luggage set is labeled with your name and address, telephone number (preferably cell since you won’t be home) and information regarding your destination, such as your final destination airport or hotel. And put the piece of paper displaying this information into the luggage tag away from the window on the tag, so it is not visible to just anyone taking a peek. Have a duplicate set of information in your suitcase, right on top of your clothes, in case the tag goes missing. And if buying new luggage, consider looking at matching luggage sets, so if one piece goes missing, you can show the airline customer service representative exactly what it looks like.

Another option, if your luggage is constructed of a strong and solid material like Samsonite, is etching your name and cell phone number into the suitcase. While some people might not want to mess up the looks of their suitcase, at least it should be possible to get the luggage back to you if it gets lost. And the fact is that after the airlines have handled your luggage a few times, it will have a bunch of scuffs and scratches on it already.

When you do pick up your luggage at the destination, be sure to remove the old airline tag right away. You do not want it on your suitcase for your return trip. While ticket agents are supposed to check for this and remove them, if things are very hectic at the airport, this could be missed. Since the luggage handling at many major airports is done by machines, with scanners reading the bar code on the tag, you do not want the wrong tag read.

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