Amazing Cheap Package Holidays to North Cyprus

If you are looking for cheap holidays that are not over-crowded with tourists, then you might want to visit the beautiful island of North Cyprus. One of the best ways of doing so is by availing of some cheap package holidays. There are many deals to be had in this country including holiday hotels and many other different types of cheap accommodation.

It has long been considered as a British recreational area, which is most popularly known for its long stretches of fine coastlines where you can engage in a number of fun water sports and explore the wonders of the fine sandy beaches. The many beaches in North Cyprus are well-liked by most vacationers because of their cool, blue waters and golden sands. You would definitely love swimming in the azure waters of the many isolated strands which are perfect for tourists who value their privacy especially whilst on vacation. Northern Cyprus is also known for its abundant archeological sites as well as fantastic medieval castles.

A good place to look for some great holiday packages is For seven nights, you could spend some really good time in Riverside Holiday Village in Kyrenia for £299 only. You could find some of the most magnificent gardens there together with fantastic citrus orchards, a number of fruit trees and beautiful flowers within the area. Some of the most popular amenities are the Aqua Park for children, the modern sports center and large fresh water swimming pool. Another great package is in Pia Bella Hotel, which is also in Kyrenia. You could spend seven nights there for an incredibly low price of £289 only. It is most famous for its two charming swimming pools that are magnificently situated in the spectacular gardens, where you could find nice sun terraces.

Aside from these, you could also find other cheap package holidays to North Cyprus that you might want to check out. Before you know it you’ll be kicking back in beautiful North Cyprus.

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