Around the Jackson Hole and Yellowstone

We’ve seen some nice celebs lately, and some not so nice, we’ll refrain from talking about them. We were sitting in the nice Sun Valley coffee shop when Bruce Willis walks by with another woman. He was more than polite to us, smiling and saying hi to just about anyone that he made eye contact with. We’ve seen him before while in Washington state looking for a Redmond chiropractor after having work related injuries. We found a good one that treated our neck and back from being in the car for such a long time. After leaving the doc’s office, we spotted Bruce Willis again, with a few of what seemed to be his buddies. We have no idea where or what they were doing.

We also live close to Jackson Hole, another famous and popular spot for various celebs to hang out for the weekend, do some fishing, or visit areas such as Idaho Falls, Yellowstone Park, and other nice spots that people like to visit while in Jackson Hole. Harrison Ford is spotted quite a bit, over 5 times by us alone. He owns his own helicopter and volunteers his skills and times to the various search and rescue outfits in the area. We’ve also spotted him in a few furniture stores in Idaho Falls.

Of these two actors, both were very, very nice and easy going. Both had a wonderful smile on them, treated all we saw with respect and was polite. You’ll see others in the area that aren’t so fun to be around, or fun to say “hey, love your movie”. They can be just outright rude, obnoxious and very self satisfied. There are others that hang out in Victor Idaho, and Driggs, Idaho. Some of them tucked away in their mountain fortresses and do not care to look happy in public.

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