Best Netbook Models And Cheap Netbooks For Travel

Many question the idea of having to bring netbooks when traveling. When a backpacker is sitting at a road café somewhere in Kathmandu, or about to dive in the Great Barrier Reef in New Zealand, who wants to be glued to a computer screen?

Old school travelers argue that when in a foreign land, a traveler should be free of all distractions to be able to soak in the culture of the place. But in this day and age of internet technology, cheap netbooks for travel are becoming a necessity rather than a frivolous item.

Many argue about the space. But now that laptops became smaller in size, and were started to be called netbooks, some “purists” even succumbed to slipping one in their backpacks. Apart from being extremely portable, netbooks are lightweight and small that they can fit in a woman’s evening purse.

The technology in most netbooks sacrifices large memory space to long battery life. Equipped with WiFi capability, a traveler can use the netbook to read mails, update work assignments and to feel updated with one’s business partners, co-workers, employers and even with the world at large even when away. A netbook is also used for work emergencies, especially now that almost all work functions and communications can be done online.

Having a netbook is cheaper too as opposed to the frequent use of internet cafes in some countries.

Apart from work, netbooks are also used leisurely by travelers. Staying connected with friends via the internet eliminates the feeling of homesickness when in a foreign place. Also, a netbook with a help of a heavy-duty hard drive can be used to store photographs taken on the trip. Some of the best netbook models on the market have as much as 320GB of hard drive space.

A netbook can also be useful to ward off boredom during delayed flights. A YouTube video can entertain an anxious traveler in many ways. Booking, rebooking flights and accommodation, looking at itineraries and travel guides using netbooks have made traveling very easy.

For only a little investment, netbooks used for travel provide travel convenience as opposed to going through tedious errands. Not only that, the convenience of getting connected to the internet has made some travelers become professional bloggers who give blow-by-blow accounts of their travels, whose enterprising spirits make them earn money through online hits. All this advantages have made the netbook come a long way, as it becomes more of a travel necessity than a just another gadget that fills up space.

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