Best Places to Eat in Sydney

If you are planning on traveling to Australia, then chances are Sydney will be one of your top destinations. Most information out there concerning Australia backpacking tips is centered on Sydney. That’s because Sydney is the number one destination for most people’s Australian travels. Part of the reason that people flock to Sydney is due to its fantastic eateries.

Sydney has some fabulous outdoor markets including the Organic Food Market and the Sydney Fish Market. These are a great way to sample fresh Sydney food, and create your own picnic to have a memorable meal in one of Sydney’s great parks or beaches. It’s a delicious and budget friendly way to still eat healthy while backpacking Sydney.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jane Earle

Sydney’s diverse cultures and multiculturalism make for an eclectic mix of restaurants. You can find virtually every kind of food within the city’s limits. For great cheap, local dining try Glebe Point Diner which has been rated number one by Aussie’s in the past. Everything is made in-house including the ice cream, and has delicious, reasonably priced fare which undergoes considerable preparation.

Eating authentic Australian food is a must while in Sydney. Seafood is a staple on many Australian style menus with inspiration coming from catches of the day. Some restaurants like Fishface serve only fish, so check before entering a restaurant if you have non-fish minded people with you. Another staple of Australian food is meat pie served with some cold beer. For the best meat pies, try Harry’s Café de Wheels.

For budget-conscious travelers, there is an abundance of ethnic restaurants that are typically cheaper while still offering some of the best food around. Chinatown is known for its delicious and cheap, authentic food, as well as Thai restaurants around King Street. Besides Asian food, there are also Indian, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and Kosher restaurants around Sydney that visitors can benefit from at a good price.

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