Café Culture in Buenos Aires (Best Enjoyed If You Know Spanish)

Argentines are known for a lot of things: There is an entire region devoted to wine production. They boast some of the best polo players in the world, and soccer here is huge. They also consider themselves to have the best beef in the world which could very well be true considering all their cows are still grass fed on sprawling ranches out in the countryside. However, it is not like Argentines spend all of their free time at polo matches eating beef (although they do eat A LOT of beef). The thing you are most likely to spot an Argentine doing on a lazy afternoon or weekend is sitting at a café having coffee and medialunas (croissants).

You will find a café on almost every corner in Buenos Aires – often with another café directly across the street. They typically offer outdoor seating. One of the most important things about this coffee drinking culture is chatting over your café con leche. (This is not just coffee with milk – it’s an expresso based latte drink.) In order to truly immerse yourself in this popular pastime – you need to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires. And you specifically need to learn in Buenos Aires because the accent is so different that even native Spanish speakers sometimes have trouble understanding the breathy Argentine pronunciation.

Attending a Spanish school in Buenos Aires will also provide you with the opportunity to make friends with others who may be interested in attending one of the city’s many cafes to tomar café (directly translated as “take coffee” but it just means to drink coffee).  Another wonderful thing about these cafes is the plethora of cakes, pastries, specialty breads and desserts they offer. You will not find a café that does not offer medialunasat the very least, and many also boast brioche, cupcakes, different types of breads, cookies and brownies. Knowing Spanish will help you navigate the tempting menus. So grab a friend, head to a café and use your new Spanish skills to make some local friends and score some delicious sweets!

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