Camping is Romantic – Five Tips to Convince your Reluctant Partner

If you’ve always loved camping but your partner isn’t convinced then you need to make sure that their first camping experience goes as well as possible – a rain drenched weekend in a leaking tent with soggy food is likely to put them off for life! Here we have a few ideas to help you plan a trip to impress. Forget the wild adventure camping for the moment and take the time to persuade them to love camping as much as you do by proving it’s not all sunburn and spiders.

Check Your Destination

Make sure you know where you’re going and how to get there and, if your staying on a camping site check the facilities – cold morning showers and long, dark walks to a cold toilet block in the night are not going to be persuading your reluctant partner that camping is the best way to spend their vacation.

Plan Your Meals

Camping food needn’t be all baked beans and burnt sausages. With a decent camping stove you have a lot of flexibility and could whip up a gourmet evening meal of you make sure you plan it in advance (a trial run might not go amiss if you’re trying to impress!).

Make it Comfortable

Waterproof your tent and check your sleeping arrangements. A thin and restrictive sleeping back, with little else protecting you from the hard and lumpy ground, is hardly conducive to a good night’s sleep and more likely to inspire complaints that romance. Get yourself a foam sleeping pad (or even better, an air mattress) and a double sleeping bag to make the whole experience warmer and more comfortable.

Know Your Stars

One of the best things about an evening spent outdoors is time spent gazing at the stars and speculating about the universe. If you take the time to learn a few of the constellations, and perhaps some of the myths and legends associated with them, you’ll be all ready to impress with your knowledge and get more from the experience.

Bubble Tents

Taking this idea further for the ultimate luxury campers are the recent innovation of Bubble Tents. Unfortunately, only available in Europe at the moment, the bubble tents are completely clear so that you can view the night sky from the comfort on your tent, perhaps over a glass of champagne which suits the beautiful set-up of the interior. Luxury camping at it’s most luxurious – this one can’t fail to impress!

Even if you don’t take it this far then you can see from the ideas above that it really isn’t too hard to make your camping experience comfortable and fun. Just try to see their point of view and stop any possible objections before they become and issue, and you might convert them for life!

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