Car Rental in Lanzarote Island

When I am traveling I often try to save money by not renting a car. Car hire can put a serious dent in your travel budget. A week’s rental might equal your airfare costs, or even exceed it. So when I can, I plan to use public transport, taxis or my own two feet.

The Spanish Island of Lanzarote however, is one place where a car makes the vacation even better and you won’t want to miss out by trying to save on car hire here. Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands, is a small island, but one where the joys of the country are spread through out the 300+ square miles.

Car rental in Lanzarote is expensive. You will easily spend $500 or more for a week’s rental. One of the added pieces of expense is the car hire insurance. You will not want to scrimp on this. Lanzarote is home to some crazy drivers. Small accidents happen often. These are not serious, but a little dent in the fender or a broken tail light on a rental car when you don’t have the insurance will be a painful hit to the pocketbook.

Alcázar. Toledo, España.

All the major rental agencies have a presence on the island. You will not be at a loss for car hire. Tenerife airport has a large offering of agencies. When you land and you head to the rental area, you will see a plethora of possible choices. Two of the best known are Cicar car hire and Centauro car hire. Cicar is home-grown having begun on the island in the late 60s when tourism first began to blossom. Centauro is a common name on the Spanish mainland and they have a great club member discount, so keep that in mind if you do much business or travel in Spain.

So you can see that you need a car hire. Lanzarote saves her best for the remote spots. Whether you want to see the rugged ocean views of the northwestern part of the island, or visit the vineyards of the western region, you should go by car. While you could make do with taxis (especially if you attend a wine tasting!) or with the bus system, in order to get a real feel for the island, you need to drive its curvy roads for yourself.

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