Checklist: Camping Cooking Supplies

Camping is one of the best pastimes ever!  Millions of campers head for the great outdoors every year with their family and friends to enjoy a much needed change of pace.  One of the key aspects of a successful camping trip is to remember to bring all the items you’ll need to keep everyone fed.  This can be a difficult task as there are literally hundreds of items to consider for each trip.  The best way to ensure nothing valuable is left behind is by using a checklist.  Checklists are easy to find and modify to suit your own needs.
When deciding what camping cooking supplies to bring it is important to not try and bring everything on your list.  Packing should be mission specific and focused on bringing only what you need for a specific trip.  Consider length of trip, how far you will be packing the supplies into the campsite, and what the menu is for each day.  After those items have been determined, then consult your checklist to start packing.  It’s also a good idea to bring your checklist with you to the camp site so you can add items you may need for future trips.
Use a separate rubber maid storage bin to keep all of your cooking supplies in one place and easy to find.  Not only do they keep your food and supplies clean, the bins themselves are easy to clean should there be a spill of food inside.
Some of the most common cooking supplies to bring camping are:

  • Cooler – to bring items that must be kept cool, and to store food that has already been cooked
  • Propane stove – different sizes are available depending on how mobile you need your stove to be.
  • Pot and Pan – with handles to be able to move over campfire
  • Dutch oven – heavy, but nice to have if you’re not packing in very far
  • Water filter or purification tablets if packing a long distance
  • Bottled water if not moving your supplies very far or if no water source is available
  • There are also outdoor java presses for those who just can’t live without it…
  • Matches!  Don’t forget the matches or a lighter.

These are just a few of the hundreds of items to consider bringing.  Again, search for a good camping checklist and modify it to suit your needs.

A good idea to cut down on the amount of camping cooking supplies needed, is to bring precooked meals. Prepackaged and precooked meals only need to be warmed up, and can make menu planning easy.  Transporting prepackaged meals can sometimes take less space too.  Also consider using paper plates and cups. Clean up is so easy.  After they’ve been used, just place them in the campfire.  More articles can be found at MyMiniHelpCenter.

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