Disney International Trips

If you want to have a Disney vacation, Disneyland and Walt Disney World aren’t your only options nowadays.  There are now a variety of Disney international trips you can take. Here’s a few of your different options.

Right now, Disney has theme parks in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Paris. They are currently also building in Shanghai and that resort is expected to open in 2014. But theme parks aren’t the only way to experience that special Disney touch. There is also the Disney Cruise Line, which travels much closer to home. You can take a cruise vacation with Disney that will take you from Florida to the Caribbean, as well as to a stop in the Bahamas at Disney’s own private island, Castaway Cay.

For a totally different type of adventure, you can consider booking a tour with Adventures by Disney. This is Disney’s group travel company and they have trips planned to different destinations every year. While quite a few of their planned destinations are located in the United States, some of the international destinations are their most popular itineraries. Italy is a very popular destination with Disney’s Italian Family Vacation having an itinerary that includes Rome, Venice and Tuscany. Or take a trip to London or Paris with a Disney-trained guide. They also have adventurous trips, so if you want to get involved in some great outdoors activities such as hiking or cycling, you have lots of options for those as well.

If you just like a little more luxury when you travel, the Disney Vacation Club is an option to consider. Disney’s own Vacation Club resorts include Florida, California, South Carolina and the new resort they are building in Hawaii. But through the exchange privileges you get for owning a timeshare, you will also have access to all kinds of international destinations or you can use your points for trips to the other Disney parks in Japan, China and France.

Disney has not yet reached Central America, but the region is still packed with adventure. If you’re interested, click to learn more about Central America vacation packages.

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