Holiday Villas In Crete For Families

If your family is planning your annual vacation, make the island of Crete in Greece your next destination. This island is a favorite place for cheap holidays as there are a lot of things to see and do here that do not cost a lot of money. Aside from the historical sights such as the numerous Byzantine monasteries in the island, both parents and children alike will love frolicking by the beautiful beaches wherever they stay in the island. If you and your family are used to holidays that last for more than a few days, choosing among the many holiday villas in the island is recommended.

If you might be thinking what makes staying at a holiday villa better than just booking at some of the all-inclusive resorts that are very popular with the tourists here, there are some things that staying at a villa can give you that a package holiday in resort does not. Both options may be competitive in terms of price but a villa trumps the resort in terms of providing a richer experience. Resorts often have organized activities that you may not be interested in, while if you stay in a villa, you and your family can organize your own sightseeing tour or activity. Staying in a villa also means cooking your own meals, which means that you will get a chance to explore the local markets.

Holiday villas can be found all over Crete. You just have to choose the villa which fits your budget, how many family members are there, and whether you and your family want to be near the beach or want to have nearer access to certain attractions or shops. Take note also that the prices of these villas vary all throughout the year, depending whether it is peak season or not.

An example of a villa for the family is Aliki’s Farmhouse. Big enough to accommodate up to eight family members, this villa is located in a hamlet near the village of Stilos. This house is built in the traditional way but is equipped with modern amenities.  For example, the fully equipped modern kitchen also has a Cretan fireplace and a traditional wood stove. Logs for the stove and fireplace are also provided. Other amenities include a TV and DVD player, ceiling fan, air conditioning, washing machine, and wireless Internet.

Indeed, choosing to have your family stay in holiday villas will provide a more enjoyable way to spend the holiday, especially if family members want a change from the usual activities from packaged holidays. You can literally expect the unexpected if you travel this way.

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