Inflatable Neck Pillow Review

The most obvious plus points when it comes to inflatable neck pillows are portability and easy storage. When deflated the pillows are the size of a small wallet and weigh almost nothing. But a good quality inflatable travel pillow should deliver more than this. In our review of the best models on the market we checked for the following:

  • Ability to control the firmness of the pillow by how much you inflate them. Inflatable pillows often are more comfortable when they are not completely inflated. Adjustments may need to made when traveling by air as the pillow will expand and deflate a little with changing altitude.
  • Easy inflation only requiring one or two breaths, or auto inflation
  • Soft, comfortable fabric cover that can be removed for cleaning.  With some low quality inflatable pillows you can feel the hard plastic air chambers, which is an obvious negative.

Inflatable neck pillows come in three designs and we’ve drawn the best travel pillow from each:

U Shape Inflatable Travel Pillow

Choosing from the many options on the market for this traditional travel pillow shape was challenging. But we think we succeeded in finding a great option in the Davidsbeenhere (DBH) Inflatable Travel Pillow. A common complaint with inflatable neck pillows is that they push the head forward uncomfortably. Not so with this design; the back central section does not inflate as much as the sides and has a cupped section to support your head without pushing it forward. The sides can be inflated to the exact degree of firmness and support you are looking for. All it takes is a few breathes. The cover is made from a soft-touch micro fleece that will beg you to snuggle up. The pillow deflates in seconds and is sold together with a small carrying pouch.

Davidsbeenhere Inflatable Travel Pillow
List Price: $28.33
Sale Price: $28.33
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

Sash Design Worn Across The Body By Travel Rest

The list of positive features associated with the Travel Rest Inflatable Pillow is a long one. Some commentators have even called it the “ultimate travel pillow.” The pillow is worn across the body, much like a sash, and provides side support to the head and neck. Designed primarily for in-flight and car use, it is held by a tether either over the headrest or around your body and a flap that attaches to the seat-belt. The pillow gets rave reviews for comfort as it provides a stable rest for the head in a natural position without overextending the neck. A soft microfleece cover adds to the experience and can be purchased separately. The pillow inflates in seconds and weights only 10 ounces. It can be folded into a 2X9 inch shape and snapped onto your cabin luggage. have a look at the glowing reviews on Amazon.

Support for the two sides of the head By Travel Nook

The Travel Nook inflatable neck pillow is designed to provide side to side head support without pushing the head forwards. It hugs the neck and holds the head securely. The pillow is easy to inflate and works best with when slightly under-inflated. The cover is washable. Some users comment that it is hard to fit the pillow into its carry case. But once folded away this is one of the lightest and most compact pillows on the market.