Some Handy Luggage Items: Leather Luggage Bags And Travel Luggage Scales

There are some new designs being used to create luggage sets. Most of the newer styles will include small carry-on bags in a duffel design. The leather duffel bags can also be purchased as separate items to use for quick trips or overnight stays. These are designed with the double handle made of a stiff durable material covered with leather. The larger designer cases will include inside pockets and compartments to keep items in separate areas. Most of the styles created for the new luggage sets will include an expandable handle and wheels to make transporting it through busy terminals easy.

The traditional styles of these bags that are made from leather will not have the added expandable handle and wheels, but can come with a false inner bottom section to keep important papers secure and undetected. The various bags are available in assorted colors including solid styles made in brown or black leather. Some designer bags may have accent trim in a contrasting color as well as the handles. The items constructed from fine Italian leather will be made as soft side bags and are available in colors such as blue, red and cream.

For people who travel frequently a travel luggage scale may be a nice item to use. This handy scale is very compact in size, but has the ability to weight even the largest sized suitcase. The product comes with a traditional rotating numerical face attached by a strap to a hook, where you place the handles of your luggage on. By holding the device in the air the arrow will spin to indicate the exact weight of the bag on the hook. Some models can weigh up to seventy pounds and may also include a handy tape measure as part of the unit. This item will ensure your bag will always meet the luggage requirements of where you are going. Very important for, yes, you’ve guessed it, Central American vacation packages.

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