Log Cabin Holidays: Enjoy Your Holiday with Your Pets

It is vacation time again. You’ve worked and saved all year. You need to decide where to go and what to do.  Do you visit the luxurious resort on the beach with the drinks that come with the little umbrellas? No, you’ve done that the last two years. Your family needs something different this year, perhaps a beautiful countryside location. You browse through the phone book, and there it is. The headline jumps out at you from the page.  Log cabin holidays UK. That’s it!  You call the number listed to find all the information you need. Located all over the UK, you simply need to choose your destination. They have hot tubs, barbeques to cook your evening meal, and some have private gardens to relax and enjoy. This location has everything for the whole family. Then you realize there is no mention of pets. You have two dogs, and to you they are a part of the family. You can’t bear to leave them in a kennel somewhere without you for the two week getaway. You are relieved when the manager tells you this is a pet-friendly establishment, and your animals are welcome.

Many of us have experienced the same situation. There are several things to consider when taking the four-legged family members on your log cabin breaks. Many cabin rentals offer amenities especially for our pets.  Some are located near walks for your pet, have additional room for them that is easy to keep clean. Be sure to ask prior to your arrival whether there is an additional deposit required for your pets. Some pricing can be rather cheap, while others can be quite costly. Do they allow multiple dogs? Are leashes required? Be sure to find an area that suits your pets’ needs. Your log cabins holidays will become a wonderful memory for all of your family members, even the four-legged ones. You are satisfied; you’ve had the first of many perfect, pet-friendly Log cabins holidays.

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