Lumbar Support Pillow By Bucky

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This Lumbar support pillow is filled with natural buckwheat hills. It is designed to soothe tense lumbar muscles, providing support and allowing them to relax. It’s highly portable and perfect as a travel pillow. On either side of the pillow are two handles that help you place it exactly where you need it.

Buckwheat proves for a lightweight pillow with a perfect texture that conforms and molds to your body contours. Many reviewers rave about an ideal firmness vs. softness. What’s more, the pillow is completely adjustable. You’ll be hard pressed to find another lunar pillow that allows you to remove the fillings so that it is tailored it to your specific needs.

Product Features

  • Machine washable cover
  • Filled with premium organic buckwheat hulls (the outside husk on the grains) grown in the Ukraine
  • Ability to adjust the filling
  • Convenient webbing handles on each end of the pillow
  • Highly portable and unobtrusive

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