Memory Foam Neck Pillow: Miracle Neck Rest Review

This is the travel pillow stripped bare.  And the Miracle Neck Rest works as advertised.  The manufactures have not compromised on quality using a dense, high grade molded memory foam for the construction of this neck pillow.  The memory foam provides the perfect mix of comfort and support to your head and neck while seated.

The Miracle Neck Rest is far less bulky than the standard horseshoe shaped neck pillows on the market and does not push your head and neck forward uncomfortably.  In fact this travel pillow does the opposite:  The manufactures have patented a design that allows your head to tip backwards to create the sensation of reclining a little more fully than you really are.

And while most memory foam pillows are heavy, bulky and a hassle to carry around, this one is compact and lightweight.  Sometimes the simplest design wins out. But bear in mind that this may be a smaller travel pillow than you are used to seeing on the plane.

Product features

  • Designed to fit the gap between your next and the seat
  • Made from high grade molded memory foam
  • Head is allowed to tip back slightly
  • Small and easy to carry
  • Removable, washable cover

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