Memory Foam Travel Pillow Review

Heath professionals and back specialists around the world recommend memory foam as an ideal pillow material for providing support and comfort.  The dense memory foam in this SilverRest travel pillow is highly sensitive to the weight and shape of your body and adjusts to gently cup and support your contours.

The sides of the pillow have been ergonomically shaped to provide a high level of support to your head and neck.  Heavier areas and pressure points sink further into the pillow receiving additional support without “bottoming out”.  After use the pillow returns to its original shape.

In general memory foam travel pillows are more bulky than inflatable models.  But many travelers choose to sacrifice some portability for the added support and comfort that memory foam provides. For a smaller option have a look at this memory foam neck pillow.

Product Features

  • The contoured side panels cradle your neck and support your head allowing your neck and shoulder muscles to relax fully.
  • The underside of the pillow is designed to rest on your shoulders for additional stability.
  • The high quality memory foam construction molds around you
  • Back of pillow is contoured to comfortably support your neck.
  • The cover is made 100% cotton that is machine-washable.

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