Negril – An Ideal Vacation Destination

Negril is a spectacular beach town situated on Jamaica’s western side. Negril Point and Negril Lighthouse are parts of the Westmoreland Parish, and the popular beach town extends to the Hanover Parish and Bloody Bay as well.

Crystal clear water, pristine white beaches and rugged cliffs are just some of the characteristics that make up Negril’s beautiful landscape. If a vacationer is searching for a getaway spot in which to simply relax and unwind, it can be found in Negril. Fondly called the “Capital of Casual,” the island still features the ambiance brought by the influx of hippies decades ago. Perfect weather, quiet relaxing beaches, and friendly people are just a few of the benefits of a Negril vacation.

Canopy tours boast immense popularity among visitors in this area of Jamaica. Negril, as seen from a birds-eye view, is stunning as one takes a ride on the zip-line for an amazing sightseeing experience. For those who are not quite so adventurous, tubing down the river is the perfect leisure activity. Off-road adventures such as ATV riding are also gaining popularity and guests can ride their ATVs through working plantations in order to catch a glimpse of daily life in Negril. With so many options to appeal to even the most discriminating vacationer, it is not uncommon to meet visitors who have been to the island multiple times.

Negril hotels can be found to suit any lifestyle and budget; including beach homes, apartments, condos, traditional hotels and villas. Whichever type of accommodations one selects, he or she will most likely be well satisfied with the outcome. The relaxing and rejuvenating tropical paradise welcomes those from all walks of life. The islanders enjoy making new friends and welcoming tourists back to the island again and again. Most people who visit the island agree that it is an excellent place to relax and forget the cares of the world in which they live.

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