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Nicaragua beach lifestyleWith non-stop sunshine, beautiful natural scenery and a laid back lifestyle, Nicaragua is the perfect destination for outdoor vacations.

With sun-kissed beaches that glow pink at sunset, towering volcanoes with hidden crater lakes and historic colonial towns packed with ornate churches, Nicaragua tempts travelers with it’s impressive diversity. And of course, it’s hard not to be evangelical about the great surf breaks and abundant in-shore fishing.

Our vacation packages bring all of this to you. You can be certain that you’ll experience the best of all the excitement Nicaragua has to offer.

No matter what your interests or your budget, you’ll find that Nicaragua has lots to offer

Choose from surfing packages to suit all levels of surfer, crewed sailing charters on Gypsy, volcano boarding the black slopes of Cerro Negro, zip-lining; through the canopy or boating around the network of small islands on Lake Nicaragua.

Just remember to pack your camera!

Nicaragua’s tourism and hospitality industry is developing rapidly. In main tourism areas such as San Juan del Sur on the Pacific coast, colonial Leon; and Granada; you’ll find an excellent collection of vacation accommodations with features, facilities and budgets to suit everyone.

In addition to the highlights detailed above, you can also build your own custom vacation – just choose the activities you are most interested in, the level of accommodations you’d prefer and we’ll do the rest.