Outdoor Grill: Healthy Snacks To Take Camping

We all look forward to burgers and dogs grilled on an outdoor grill when we go camping, but what about when you’re hungry and it’s not dinnertime?  There are some healthy snacks that will tide you over until dinner that are easy to pack and take camping with you.  It’s always tough to find healthy snacks for kids especially; there is no microwave or refrigerator available when you’re camping, so hopefully the following ideas will make it easier to find tasty alternatives when camping.

There are many types of jerky available, beef, turkey, venison, chicken, even duck and bison; so if you’re craving protein one of these may do the trick.  Jerky is available commercially, or you may want to get a dehydrator and make your own, this will save money in the long run and you will be able to control the ingredients.

Everyone who camps knows about trail mix.  You can choose trail mix with many types of dried fruit, not just raisins.  If you make your own trail mix why not add some banana chips or dried apricots or apples. Just about any dried fruit tastes good in trail mix.  Kids enjoy trail mix made with M&Ms or Reese’s pieces; this gives them a little taste of sweet among the granola.  You can also pre-package single serving of dry cereal for children, these are easily eaten and most children love cereal.  You can also pre-cut carrot and celery sticks and place them in your cooler along with single serving containers of ranch dressing; kids love this as a snack and it’s an easy way to get them to eat their veggies.

Don’t forget prepackaged snacks like granola bars, cereal bars and snack crackers.  These are easily packed and last a long time.  Fruit is also a healthy, portable snack; apples, bananas and oranges make a great snack.  There is individually packaged cheese and yogurt that are excellent sources of calcium and a tasty afternoon snack; just make sure you have a way of keeping these items cool.  And of course, the old stand-by, peanut butter and jelly makes a great lunch or snack and is easy to prepare.  With a little thought and imagination, you will be able to come up with healthy snacks that the whole family will enjoy.

These tips apply anywhere around the world including our corner when you’re on a Central America Vacation Package.

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