Majestic Features in Camping Municipal de la Pointe

Camping Municipal de la Pointe takes you into a majestic world where visitors sleep on a portable hammock stand, and enjoy crisp, clear beaches. This area offers the lowest prices around for sleeping arrangements. You can stay in the wilderness campgrounds for as low as $21 per night during low seasons.

Sites and conveniences include over 100 partially shaded sites where travelers can enjoy nature on your portable hammock stand. The areas overlook Saint-Lawrence River. You are provided with water, sewage and electricity during your stay. Large play areas are available for children and cycling paths are available for adults.

You have access to Laundromats and showers, and a recreation room where you will enjoy a wide range of activities. Fireplaces are in some rooms and there are picnic tables outside for those who want to sit in the sun and enjoy dining with the family. Water games are some of the sports offered at the Camping Municipal de la Pointe.

Internet access is available if you are traveling on business. Nearby the facility at Camping Municipal de la Pointe are convenient stores and grocery stores where you can buy food or other times to bring back with you on your camping adventure. Snack bars and ice cream Parlours are nearby as well to keep you cool on hot days.

Golfers can visit the golf courses nearby, or play tennis at the courts. Swimming pools, shopping centre, restaurants, and other services are available nearby as well. Ice and propane is provided to visitors. Some of the best attractions include aquatic whale watching at the beautiful beach. You can take cruises down the Saint-Lawrence River or boat rides. Throughout this area people hike, or enjoy views of the stunning waterfalls.

Trails where you can walk take you along the Parc des Chutes lookout. There are plenty of marina and beach activities to enjoy at the camping area.

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