Quick Tips for Buying New Luggage

Whether this is your first time buying luggage or you are a seasoned traveler and have bought luggage before it is a good idea to review some of the changes in luggage use and design before going out and picking up that nice pink luggage set you have had your eyes on. With that in mind here are a few quick tips to think about.

  • Size Matters – if you are traveling for just a few days or over a weekend a carry on bag is ideal and gets you in and out of the airport quickly. Medium sized bags are suitable for shorter vacations lasting under a week. If the trip is over a week long the large suitcase style of luggage is probably more appropriate.
  • How much will you pack – The destination can have large affect on the amount and size of luggage you will need. If you are going skiing or anywhere cold you will have to bring much larger and bulkier clothing. If you are heading to the tropics then the clothes will be smaller and lighter and take up less space.
  • What does the future hold – Most people buy luggage for the next trip they are going on. Think about where you plan on traveling in the future. If you were going to buy a medium sized pink luggage set consider getting full pink luggage sets instead that you can use it for all of your travel needs for the years to come.
  • Think of Color – The first choice in color most people think of buying is basic black luggage. In the end that is what most people end up buying. The problem with black is that everyone has it and when you are at the airport you can’t tell the difference between your bags and someone else’s unless you have made yours distinguishable by adding pink luggage tags for example. So consider buying brightly colored bags like orange or a hot pink luggage set that will stand out from the rest.

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Giving your luggage purchase a little thought before buying can save you not only a lot of money but also a great deal of stress when traveling.  Just a little bit of planning can go a long way to making sure that you have a great vacation.

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