Learn How to Reduce the Risk of Investing in Nicaragua Property

ebook-coverThe property market in Nicaragua has started to attract the attention of retirees, second home investors and even a fair share of speculators.

The country lures buyers with its stunning coastline, world-class surfing, amazing ocean views, exceptional colonial towns as well as vast opportunities for fishing, swimming, hiking or just perfecting your hammocking skills.  It also have a very enticing cost of living – a factor getting more attention in these recessionary times.

The prices in Nicaragua are far lower than other counties in Central America – and of course well below prices in the US or Canada.  But too many people get caught up in the emotion of buying property here and fail to follow basic due diligence steps.  And in a market that is still relatively inefficient, poorly regulated and where it’s hard to get reliable market data, this can lead to all sorts of pitfalls.

Jane Bakerson over at Reveal Real Estate has written an ebook specifically designed to help the overseas real estate investor make smarter investment decisions.  Of course no investment is completely risk free but if you follow the road map, steps and strategies outlined in the ebook you’ll understand the “how” of safer international property investing.

The ebook is rooted in the practicalities of how the market works on the ground and shows you how investing strategies and due diligence steps that work well in the US or other mature markets, don’t do so well in emerging markets (like Nicaragua).

The book helps you refine your country list, drill down into specific areas, analyze options for growth factors and lifestyle features (she believes you can find properties that deliver both*), negotiate like a pro and ensure that a proper legal due diligence is carried out before you purchase.

All good stuff.  Check out the kindle ebook over at Amazon.

*I agree, particularly when it comes to places like Granada and San Juan del Sur


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