How To Rent A Car In Copenhagen

Copenhagen – the city with history, great people, unusual weather, but fantastic beer. It’s a good idea to rent a car in Copenhagen so you can appreciate this city more, as it is easy to drive around on well-marked and maintained roads.

All the major car rental agencies are represented in down town or at the airport. There are a myriad of well-known names such as Avis, Hertz, Budget and so on. No matter what your choice of company is, you will most probably find them in Copenhagen.

If you are on a budget however, you might want to look into other not so well known rental agencies or look out for weekend specials that are on offer from time to time. A long-term rental is also a great way to get some discount as opposed to just one or two days.

It is easy to rent a vehicle at the airport as most are situated in the corridor between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, which is the international area of the airport. Once you have gone through the necessary arrival checks, turn left and you will see a sign that indicates where the car rental agencies are housed.

At the domestic side of the airport, that is at Terminal 1, you will also find the car rental agencies such as Hertz, Europcar and Avis.

If you rather prefer to rent a car in town, then most of the agencies are located close to the Main Station, Tivoli Garden, and Town Hall Square. There is of course the option of letting your hotel arrange for a vehicle on your behalf.

The types of cars in Denmark are smaller than the ones in the United States. So, unless you have lots of luggage and a large family, you do not have to hire a big car. The small ones are fast, usually new and very comfortable. Bigger cars are naturally also available and you can find anything from Mercedes-Benz to Jaguars.

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