Roundup of Nicaragua travel articles Jan-May 2010

Check out these three recent travel articles on Nicaragua.  As this coverage in the mainstream press indicates, Nicaragua is now firmly on the Central America tourism map.

latimesThis Los Angeles Times article in May 2010 describes a volcano hike up Concepcion, one of the twin peaks (the other is Maderas) that make up Ometepe Island.  The volcano has not erupted for half a century but is still considered active due to the occasional release of ash.  Enough to add a bit of adventure to the trip.

tribuneIn April the Chicago Tribune covered a destination wedding at a resort in San Juan del Sur. According to the article, destination weddings have increased 400 percent since 2001. Nicaragua certainly adds a bit of exotic to the standard wedding program, especially if guests have time to see a bit of the country.

sunI’m here for the surf” was the reason given by Paul Carpenter for his Nicaragua trip covered by the Calgary Sun in January. Friendly people, warm weather, stupendous beaches and a low cost of living were the added attractions. More and more Canadians are visiting Nicaragua and taking positive stories of their visit back home.

We’ll keep you updated as more stories roll off the press.

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