Santa Ynez Wine Tasting

A great California destination spot is Santa Ynez Valley along the central coast. About 125 miles north of Los Angeles and 200 miles south of the Bay area, Santa Ynez Valley is an ideal vacation zone to help you get away from the big-city lifestyle and all of its headaches and stresses. “The Valley,” is known for great wine with a signature that is unmistakable. Santa Ynez Valley is one of five world famous American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) in the county of Santa Barbara.

The valley offers not only great wine tasting opportunities but wonderful hillsides to sit and relax and drink that wine you just purchased. Picnic under an oak tree while you sip your wine and pass the time away. And when you are done with the day, you can get a revitalizing massage at a local health spa and prepare for a wonderful dinner at one of the valley’s great restaurants like the Ballard Inn or Los Olivos Café.

But for those intensely focused on the wine, the thing you will remember the most are the distinguishing tastes of local wineries. The many tasting rooms and wine bars are riddled throughout the valley. There is no way to miss tasting at least one of the most spectacular varietals you have ever tasted during the weekend you spend in Santa Ynez Valley.

But if you still don’t think you can make it to this beautiful valley right now, then you can always turn to the internet. Many wineries have online stores right on their websites. One of the more overlooked smaller wineries is called Sobriquet Winery, located in Los Olivos. Its wines have a great reputation with wine competitions and wine press alike. Visit the site to see some of the best red wines as well as the best Chardonnay wine the valley has to offer. That should give you your Santa Ynez fix – at least until you can visit it for yourself.

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