Proud, historic LeonProud, politically progressive and rich in culture, Leon has a colonial architecture to rival that of Granada. The town is packed full of beautiful churches, art galleries and historical sites – including the oldest cathedral in Central America. The main sites are in close proximity to each other making for a popular walking tour. The town has a lively, vibrant feel and many attribute this to it being a university town.

León is an obvious starting off point for trips to the beaches of Poneloya and Las Penitas (about 35 minutes by car); the protected reserve on Juan Venado Island and the volcanoes of the Maribios Range. Popular climbs include to the crater lake at the summit of Telica Volcano, the challenging Momotombo, El Hoyo and the black hill of Cerro Negro – which is also famous for volcano boarding.

3 Day Leon area tour

Give us three days and we’ll give you a taste of history, adventure and beauty. Leon is packed full of grand colonial buildings, intimate shaded courtyards, churches and some of the best art galleries in the country. It’s close to beaches and volcanos making it the perfect base for exploring the area.

And remember if you’re after an adrenaline rush, then make sure you go volcano boarding. There’s really not that many people in the world who have had this experience!

If you’ve got some extra days we can take you to Matagalpa and Jinotepe to get a taste of mountain living – Nicaragua style – and follow the highland coffee route. Just let us know your preferences by completing the form below.

The Region

Leon and historyA taste of history
And we not only talking about the largest cathedral in Central America. That’s just one of the many landmark buildings to explore in Leon!

Volcanoes Nicaragua LeonVolcanoes and beaches
Go ‘surf-boarding’ in the morning and ‘volcano-boarding’ in the afternoon!

Lively culture of LeonFunky bars and restaurants
Leon has a vibrant, liberal feel and there’s no better place to soak this up than in the bars and restaurants around town.

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