The History of Benicassim Music Festival

The Festival Internacional de Benicassim is an annual music festival that takes place in the small coastal town of Benicassim in Southeastern Spain. It has been held since 1995 and is famous for being located adjacent to a beautiful beach resort. The festival for the most part showcases alternative rock and indie acts, but has also seen appearances by techno, ska, hip-hop and other music genres.

The festival attracts concert goers interested not only in seeing the hottest bands currently in the alt. rock scene, but also those looking for a warm holiday of swimming in the Mediterranean, sailing around in a boat or camping by the sea. Some locals see the festival as unrepresentative of their culture, but generally the festival is seen first and foremost simply as a good time and a showcase for the best and brightest in rock music today.

A Face in the Crowd
Creative Commons License credit: Beautiful People ATX

Over the years the festival has attracted a large variety of world famous acts from the biggest record labels around, leading to Benicassim Tickets selling out very, very quickly. The 2005 festival featured performances by alternative rock legends Oasis as well as esoterically named dance punk darlings.

The 2006 Benicassim attracted such high profile bands as The Pixies, Depeche Mode and Franz Ferdinand, with the lesser stages being filled out with some of the hottest ensembles in indie rock.

In 2009 there was a serious disruption due to a brush fire that broke out adjacent to one of the campsites, necessitating the evacuation of many campers and the cancellation of several scheduled performances, among them Kings of Leon. While the fire was extinguished and the festival resumed, the event has remained in the memories of concert promoters and so fire prevention has become a top priority.

Benicassim 2010 event is scheduled to include one of the most notable lineups in the festival’s history, with multi-platinum artists such as Gorillaz and the Prodigy and other less well-known bands, among them The Specials and Public Image Ltd., that are legendary in their genres. The Benicassim Festival has been a key stop in the European festival scene for over a decade and looks to remain so for years to come.

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