Things To Do In Canada: Quebec Winter Carnival

Planning to visit Canada? Hold your horses and wait until the year opens so you can capture exceptionally happy moments at Carnaval de Québec (Quebec Winter Carnival) which is one of the popular things to do in Canada.  Certainly, this event is worth your wait even though it lasts for only two and a half weeks after being opened to the public. Every year on the 2nd day of January, it begins hosting a variety of activities that people of any age will surely enjoy.

The main attraction of the Quebec Winter Carnival happens at the Plains of Abraham located within The Battlefields Park of Quebec City. The place looks dull on its usual days. Then again, when the carnival opens, it amazingly becomes filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories. As part of the tradition, the carnival is hosted by a Bonhomme – a large snowman wearing a red cap, a black-buttoned outfit, and a ceinture fléchée around his waist.

Among the activities of the Quebec Winter Carnival is the consumption of Caribou, an alcoholic beverage originating from Quebec. The drink is composed of red wine, a hard liquor of some sort, and sugar or maple syrup. Adult vacationers are encouraged to savor this sweet beverage to keep themselves warm given the cold weather conditions. There is also this giant table soccer game, which kids and adults alike might enjoy watching. If you want to practice charity, then perhaps you can participate in a public auction.

Other amusements of this rare event include participation in outdoor dance parties, horse sleigh races, a competition for dogs based on their agility – which can be very exciting to watch if you are a dog lover – and an extreme canoe race along the frozen waters of the St. Lawrence River. Indeed, Quebec on its own gives you and your family the chance to have so many things to do in Canada.

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