Things to See in Central America – Sun and Culture in Nicaragua

There are many favorite vacation spots that Americans visit. Every year, people crowd in to Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean to soak up the sun and enjoy the beautiful beaches. However, visiting the same countries every year can get quite boring and these places are among the most common international spots that most Americans linger. If you want to get away from the ordinary and do something more adventurous, but still stay in this hemisphere then consider Central America, and a Nicaragua vacation in particular.  Here’s why:

Nicaragua is one of the largest and most beautiful countries in Central America. It boasts a rich history, beautiful scenery and a great nightlife for vacationers to enjoy. The country features many different tourist attractions suitable for tourists of all ages to enjoy and cherish. If you want to go to a beach for example, you can visit San Juan Del Sur, which is the beach capital of Nicaragua. This town in located in the horseshoe bay of the pacific coast in Nicaragua and is home to white sand beaches that provides a natural harbor to many yachts and sailboats. You can go swimming or fishing, or just simply relax underneath the warm sun and get that tan that you have been wanting. Those who enjoy surfing can go to Tola, which offers great waves all year round for avid surfers to ride.

For those who want to experience cultural submersion, then Granada would be the best place to visit. Granada is a colonial city that was founded by Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba in 1524 and is the oldest city in the continent. It is popular for the beautiful colonial architecture that you can see from the old houses and buildings that are still standing and the post-card cathedrals and churches that they have.

Aside from the architecture and culture, you can also visit some of Granada’s popular attractions like the Volcan Mombacho that is a national park located just outside the city. You can go zip lining with friends and family and enjoy hiking in the mountain trails that lead to their museum and restaurant at the top.  You can also go swimming or scuba diving in Laguna de Apoyo or go island hopping in Isletas de Granada, which has over 365 beautiful island archipelagos founding in Nicaragua’s lake.

If your vacation dreams are larger than simply experiencing some local RV living, then a trip to Nicaragua can make for a very memorable experience.

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