Tips about All Inclusive Cruises

It is exciting to plan a cruise vacation adventure.  It is a unique and pleasurable experience.  You will enjoy the serenity of being far from the city, to escape from reality, and indulge and pamper yourself with the luxurious services and facilities of all inclusive cruises.  If you are going on a vacation with your spouse or partner, it could well be a perfect romantic occasion.

When you decide to go on all inclusive cruises, you should remember a few things.  To make the vacation perfect, follow these tips to help you get prepared.

Proof of Citizenship Requirements

Get a passport.  The most important thing that you should take care of is your proof of citizenship requirements.  You will be travelling outside your country.  The travel agent or the cruise line will tell you the requirements needed when booking for a cruise.  Be sure that you are using the name that is on your passport in booking the cruise.  A slight name difference of, say, Bob and Robert might become a big issue later on the trip.

Travel Insurance

Think about purchasing travel insurance other than the insurance that all inclusive cruises offer.  Travel insurance plans offer you peace of mind in emergency incidents.  It will be worth the additional cost.

Use the Services of Professional Travel Agents

All inclusive cruises have websites with all the cruise information.  You can research and book your cruise directly with the cruise line.  You can also read and compare the reviews from the Internet about the cruise ships.  Alternatively, use the services of professional travel agents.  They are more experienced and they can advise and give you more information for possible options.  They also offer value added services like reserving flight seats and monitoring cruise rate changes.

A Typical All Inclusive Cruise Package

An all inclusive cruise package includes the room, food and some drinks.  Some all inclusive cruises offer free beverages like coffee, tea, juice and lemonade.  Other cruise lines include free wine.  You can choose from different dining options like buffets, cafes, formal dining and specialty restaurants.  Menus normally include low-calorie or low-fat options for weight conscious people.  Most cruise lines are open seat – you may sit on any seat and table you want.  The amenities you can enjoy in the cruise are gym, pool and shows.  You are also free to stroll during daytime or night time around the ship.

Do Not Over Pack

List down the basic things you need for the cruise.  Remember to bring along swimming pool slippers or any swimming or diving equipment for shore excursions.  Most all inclusive cruises have at least one formal dinner night so pack a formal dress or suit.  Some all inclusive cruises have washers and dryers you can use to wash clothes.

Typical Tipping

Some luxury all inclusive cruises forbid tipping.  Others offer prepaid gratuity options.  A typical tip per day for stateroom attendants is $3.50 and for waiters, maitre d’ and wine stewards, it is $5 to $10.  Don’t forget to take some “wise quotes about life” to impress your waiter/waitress.

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