Tips On Working In Europe

Europe can be a great place to work and travel. There is a lot of seasonal work available, as well as some other options that we will discuss in this post. I’ve personally worked picking grapes in the Pyrenees of Southern France, and I currently live in The Netherlands and enjoy traveling and backpacking Europe.

Working For Your Food And Board

Probably one of the main organizations that will network you with people that are happy to feed you and put you up in their home in exchange for a half days work is WWOOFing. It stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. If you sign up to be a WWOOFer, it’s possible to work all over Europe and get free accommodation and food in exchange. It’s a fantastic way to meet some locals and get a real feel both cultural and visual of an area that you otherwise would not see.

I’ve done WWOOFing in Ireland and France and have generally had great experiences.

Working For Pay

Obviously working for pay is a preferred way to do it all. Then you can use the money to travel Europe! There is always bar work, work in hotels/hostels and ski resorts as well as seasonal work like grape picking or flower and fruit picking. Remember, it’s still work. Don’t get caught up in the ‘glamour’ of working in a ski resort of picking grapes. It can be a great way to make new friends, experience a new place and get some money – but don’t be disillusioned about the fact that you will still need to do WORK.

Working Visa Information

To work in Europe, you will need an applicable visa, unless you plan on working ‘black’ – and earning cash in hand. This isn’t something that is recommended (as it is illegal obviously) but there is also no guarantee you would land a job like this. Of course you may want to keep your options open as well.

There are a number of ways to go about it, use the Internet to get a feel for what visa is applicable to you. Here are a few tips if you’re an Australian like me. It’s possible to get a Netherlands Working Visa for 1 year as there is a reciprocal agreement between Australia and The Netherlands. If you want to go to the UK, you can get a 2 year working visa OR if one of your grandparents is from the UK it’s possible to get an ‘ancestry visa’ which will give you 5 years to live/work in the UK.

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