Train Vacations Offer Up a World Of Possibility

In the past, train vacations were only for rich people. In the past, vacation by train was considered a luxury because not all people could afford it. But these days, as prices have fallen the delights of a train vacation are accessible to many.

There are two main companies that offer vacations by train in North America – Via Rail and Amtrak. Via Rail is a company that operates in Canada. Its main office is situated at 3 Place Ville-Marie in Montreal, Quebec. The company has 480 trains in Canadian provinces and about 14,000 kilometers of track. Amtrak on the other hand is also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corporation. It is a government-owned company that operates in United States and is headquartered in Washington, D.C. The name Amtrak was actually derived from the words “America” and “track”. The company has approximately 19,000 employees and has 34,000 kilometer of track which connects 500 destinations. Both of the companies offer different vacation packages that should fit anyone. These packages usually include accommodations, meals and other services that will differ depending on the price.

Going on a vacation by train is surely a one of a kind experience. You will be a bit closer to nature compared to other transportation mean because these tracks cut through areas that are totally inaccessible by cars and are rarely seen by people. You can explore the mountains, rivers, forest and other areas that you think are impossible to reach. This makes train travel ideal for adventure travel, as you will be taken to remote places, where the train will stop and allow you to explore the surrounding areas.

You also have the option to go around an entire country or just some of its selected parts. Also, because a train has a huge amount of space and as you are not the one driving it, you can do whatever you want while traveling from place to place. Many vacation trains have several interesting cards, to include gaming rooms, dining rooms, and bars. You can walk around and meet new friends or just sit back and enjoy the trip. No matter how you want to experience it, train vacations are truly remarkable.

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