Travel without a Travel Clock?

Are you getting ready for a vacation? Are you planning what to bring with you? Have you had a bad experience with a hotel wake up service? If your answer is yes I suggest you read this introduction article about the travel clock and follow its suggested links at the end of the page.

f you are deciding a short trip away with the family or for business reasons, a travel clock is a must when it comes to packing the suitcase. It holds so much importance and it is so small and compact, it wont take up any space in your suitcase but still there are people today who don’t think they have room for it! Those people rely on hotels to wake them up or spends wasted time trying to figure out how to set the alarm clock using the hotel clock. I know that I can sleep a lot better when I have the alarm set with my personal travel clock and if I miss an important meeting the only one I can blame is myself!!

With airlines and other modes of transportation they have a strict weight limit for baggage which you must conform to. Most airlines allow up to 20kg unless you are going for a very long flight which is usually unlimited. If you go over this quantity you will have to pay a penalty. So when you travel and you want to bring your regular digital clock, take time to test the weight first! But if you have purchased a travel clock, you can be assured that it will only weigh a few ounces as the designers of the travel clock understand the levies charged for over-sized baggage and have made the travel clock as light as possible.

ConransPedia offers you a web resource dedicated to the travel clock and the different types available on the market today. If you want to continue reading about this topic, please click on the link below and you will be directed to my personal web page on travel clocks. Follow these links: Travel Clocks and Travel Clock.

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