Visit Indiana And The Lincoln Boyhood Home

The Lincoln Boyhood Home is part of the National Park system with its designation as a National Memorial. It is located in Lincoln City, Indiana. The park is on the land that President Abraham Lincoln grew up on. He lived on his family farm there from 1816 to 1830. The National Memorial commemorates the historical importance of this site with a Memorial Building and a Historical Living Farm.

The Memorial Building serves not only has a memorial commemorating Abraham Lincoln, but also as a museum and visitor’s center. The outside has five murals that were sculpted from panels of limestone in the 1940s. The murals depict different periods of Lincoln’s life: Lincoln in Kentucky, Lincoln in Indiana, Lincoln in Illinois, Lincoln in D.C., and Lincoln’s legacy.

The museum inside the Memorial Building has exhibits related to Lincoln and his family.  One of the most interesting pieces is an oil painting of his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln. The museum also has a theater where a film about Lincoln growing up in Indiana is shown regularly.

The grounds contain only a few remnants of the Lincoln’s time in Indiana. One remnant is the grave of his mother, who died in 1818. This spot now contains the tallest flag pole in the state of Indiana.

The other lasting remains from Lincoln’s boyhood farm is the original sandstone foundation of the home he grew up in. The foundation is protected, but there is a nearby replica of the home for visitors to experience. The replica is part of the Historical Living Farm attraction.

The Living Historical Farm is operated as a typical 1820s farm. However, it is only active from spring to fall. Visitors to the attraction can observe and take part in activities that were typically carried out on a farm in the 1820s. The farm includes a home, various outbuildings, and split rail fences. Farm animals are raised on the farm and vegetables, herbs, and field crops are grown on the land that was once the farm Lincoln grew up on.

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