Where To Stay In Bali? Try Bali Apartment Rentals!

Since virtually everyone who takes a holiday nowadays books their accommodations online, we have an easier time than ever of comparison-shopping and choosing from an enormous variety of places to stay. Clearly tourists have benefited from the infrastructure that the Internet provides, as one is empowered to dig as deeply as one would like to to arrive at the perfect combination of location, price and amenities in the room they choose. I’d like to suggest an additional option for tourists, one that increases the range of places to stay beyond the normal selection of generic and often overpriced hotel rooms.

All over the world, the Internet has made it easier for people who own more than one residence to rent out their second home to short-term visitors when they are not actually staying there. An excellent example of this phenomenon is in Bali, Indonesia, the world-class tropical tourist destination located just north of Australia in the Indian ocean. Probably as much as anywhere else in the world renting apartments in Bali has become a popular new way for holiday makers to spend less and get more in their accommodations.

With all the growth that has happened in the last several years in Bali you’ll now find quite a few new larger apartment complexes, often owned by people who are not year-round residents. Both ex-pats and Indonesians from urban centers on other islands use these apartments as a cheaper way to maintain a base in Bali that is more convenient than the trappings of an entire house. Naturally enough, people are interested in renting their units when they are away, and they do so either through local agents or by creating websites advertising their Bali apartments. Excellent examples of this are the apartments at the Jayakarta complex in Seminyak, which has about 250 apartment units on the hotel grounds.

For you as a visitor taking advantage of the great deals one finds in reasonably-priced Bali apartments is no more difficult than booking a hotel room online. In fact it may even be easier, because if you’re dealing directly with an apartment owner or their agent you’ll find it much easier to ask questions about the unit and the surrounding areas than you would if you were dealing with a disinterested front desk clerk at a hotel from whom you might be attempting to book. You’ll also find it much easier to bargain over price.

As you plan your trip and decide where to stay in Bali, do yourself a favor and don’t book a hotel room or rooms for yourself and your family without first looking into your options in terms of Bali apartments available for rental. You’d probably be very surprised at the value for money that you can get, with the added space of an apartment in a location that is every bit as good as many three- to five-star hotels.

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