We’re passionate about Nicaragua and would love to show you the most beautiful spots, get you immersed in the culture and let you experience that tingle of adventure that comes with exploring a new place.

Why you’ll love working with us

  • We’ve explored every inch of the country:
    And we bring you the best of what we have found. From perfect waves, to secluded beaches, inspiring art galleries, to delicious food and rich cultural experiences.
  • A seamless, no-hassle experience:
    Want to surf and sail and enjoy some live music? Practice yoga, go horse-riding and take a property tour? No problem, we offer a seamless, no hassle experience.
  • Discounts so that you pay less:
    We’ve been in the country long enough to negotiate great rates with the hotels, guides and service providers we work with. In fact many of them are part of our network.
  • Sustainable tourism for a lighter impact:
    Through our work with Community REfund in Nicaragua, we’ve got a close insight into how tourism and real estate activity are influencing the local community.
  • Customized tours just for you:
    We’re proud of our customized tour packages. Just name the activities you’re interested in, the places you’d like to see and we’ll do the rest.
  • We turn visitors into locals:
    Through our partnership with Coldwell Banker, we’ve got the access to the best Nicaragua real estate deals to make this happen.

Contact us to get started on designing your Nicaragua vacation.