You can choose your own travel clock and save yourself travel stress

Nobody wants to experience travel stress.  When you’re travelling, whether for work or business, you are in transit as it is, which is stressful in itself.  Chances are that for the duration of the travel, your sleeping patterns and eating will be messed up.  You will be tired and may not be able to get the kind of food you are used to.  You will be exposed to different bugs and viruses that are floating around amongst passengers on trains, planes and boats, all of which could be air conditioned causing you to also tend towards becoming dehydrated.  So, there are enough things to be stressed about when travelling to not need to worry about time as well.

If you are travelling for more than one day, chances are you will need to stop over someplace to get some sleep.  It may not be the night time that your body is expecting, so you will need to set a clock and abide by its alarm!  Of course, if you are already tired, it will be harder to work out the clock in your hotel room, so consider how much easier you can make life for yourself if you get yourself a travel clock.  If you are already travelling and you don’t have one yet, never fear, now is an ideal time – just look for one that is lightweight, as always, because you don’t want to weigh down your bags because of a clock.

A travel clock should be lightweight, battery powered to save the complications of other countries’ power sockets and the differences there, it should have an easy to read clock face that lights up in the darkness and it should have an alarm that you are happy with and that you are confident will wake you from the deepest sleep if need be.  It doesn’t have to be pretty but there are plenty of attractive and streamlined travel clocks available nowadays.

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